Overcoming Creative Block with Young Living

by tkogut on August 1, 2014

Blank Cavas

Overcoming Creative Block with Young Living

Have you ever felt the pressure to create for a client, licensee or upcoming show and you find yourself staring at a blank canvas or a clump of clay, etc while hearing the tick tock of the clock ringing in your ears? Or are you overcome with worries about failure, copyright infringement, pressures to “measure up” to your last success or do you work and work on a piece but are never quite satisfied with how it looks or maybe you simply feel tired and unmotivated.

When it comes to nurturing your creativity, you may actually be your own worst enemy. Bad attitudes, negative thoughts and an unhealthy diet can crush your creative spirit and cause your well of fresh ideas to dry up. Keeping your mind, body and spirit in tip top health will keep your well full and creative ideas flowing.

Let’s take a look at 10 Young Living Essential Oil products can help you have more energy & focus, overcome creative block and open your mind to new inspirations.

  1. Ningxia Red – This product is not only for creative folks but everyone should be drinking at least 1 oz a day.  It’s an antioxidant drink that helps the eyes: cataracts, glaucoma, and visual acuity. Has a B-vitamin complex vital for converting food to energy. Promotes a sense of well-being. For a full list of benefits of Ningxia Red, go here.
  2. Ningxia Nitro – Young Living’s healthy answer to the 5-hour energy drink. NingXia Nitro is a convenient, essential oil-infused way to support mental clarity and focus while also providing a boost of energyClick here to read in detail the amazing ingredients of Ningxia Nitro.
  3. Magnify Your Purpose – Negative thoughts swirling around in your head? A few drops of this oil will get you back on track and creating in no time! Magnify Your Purpose is a specially crafted blend of Essential Oils that helps you foster a Positive Attitude, enabling you to rise above Adversity.
  4. Motivation – Need a kick in the pants? Motivation essential oil stimulates your feelings for moving forward and accomplishing your chosen goals. Many essential oils are mood elevating and may enable you to overcome feelings of fear and procrastination.
  5. Inspiration – A spiritual oil blend that has sandalwood, frankincense, spruce and mugwort. All of these oils have been used for hundreds of years by the Native Americans to open and enhance spiritual communication with the creator. The blend opens the third eye and throat chakra and releases negative thoughts that can block our connection with the divine. It also harmonizes the body systems; and opens the pituitary and pineal glands of the body which operates our emotional control center. “Composer, sculptor, painter, poet, prophet, sage; these are the makers of the after-world, the architects of heaven.” – James Allen
  6. Envision – Envision Essential Oil is a blend designed to awaken and inspire your dreams and goals. It will help release the fear of moving forward if you feel stuck and embrace a new vision of your future. If you want help with procrastination and motivation; and if you want to expel negative emotions and emotional blocks then Envision essential oil could be for you.
  7. Clarity – Feeling foggy? Clarity Essential Oil is specifically designed to assist with mental concentration and alertness. Use it when creative block strikes to give you that mental edge. Or, use it to give you a boost when you are mentally fatigued!
  8. Highest Potential – Highest Potential Essential Oil is a interesting oil blend that contains fourteen therapeutic grade oils from two blends and more! It is a spiritual oil in that it has many of the oils from the bible including frankincense, galbanum and sandalwood. These oils help you to connect with the divine and help you see your own potential. It empowers and supports so you can reach your goals and dreams. This oil will help you build confidence, release limiting beliefs and focus on your potential not your imperfections.
  9. Dream Catcher – Do you wake up in the morning full of inspiration from something that came to you in a dream? Dream Catcher Essential Oil is an interesting blend that protects from negative dreams during sleeping. It also enhances our dream state and helps with visualization of our dreams and goals. You may find an increase in those inspirational dreams. Also, if you would like to enhance meditation, visualization or manifestation of your goals, this will be a good oil to use. It will help you keep your mind open (and third eye), and release negativity.
  10. Live with Passion – Negative emotions such as hopelessness and hurt can tear us down and keep us from living life to our fullest potential. Our first step forward, is to release these negative emotions so we can be emotionally strengthened and balanced. Live with Passion essential oil can help us bring back enthusiasm and passion for what we do and who we are. Use it to leave the past behind, boost your confidence and accomplish your goals!

Isn’t it exciting to know there are healthy all-natural products available to help us overcome creative block and rid our minds of negativity? If you would like to learn more about these products and how they can help you in your creative endeavors, please don’t hesitate to contact me at teresakogut3@gmail.com. Or if you would like to place an order now, go here.





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