Making a Plan for Growth

by tkogut on June 13, 2014


Making a Plan for Growth

As with any business, it is important to have a plan. Then to take action on those plans. In order to find growth in your business, you will more than likely have to update or change your plans along the way. If something isn’t working, change it. Be flexible. The first step in planning for growth is to find your “Why”. Why do you want to start or grow your Young Living business? Be honest with yourself.

Our why…..

We have been using Young Living essential oils for about three years now but recently (Jan 2014) my husband and I decided to dive into the business side of Young Living. Why? Well, there are a few reasons….

  • My concern for people and their health – I started a blog years ago about health and wellness but I didn’t have direction and quickly lost interest. Centering my new blog around Young Living has given me focus. (I’ve also built a few other blogs for my art business since then and found a format that is easy to use). People need to know there is an alternative to pharmaceuticals!!! It is our duty to share Young Living with others so they, too, can be healthy and happy.
  • Finances – our son, Ryan, graduates high school in 2016. He wants to attend Kettering University….which costs approx $30,000 a year. We need to increase our income exponentially. Once we learned about Young Living’s compensation plan, we felt relief. We are confident Young Living will help us pay for our son’s education.
  • Helping others find freedom – Since 1994, I have been a self-employed licensed artist. It has been an amazing ride and very rewarding.  I love what I do…sharing the talent God gave me with the world, however, it is a very reclusive career. I work by myself in my studio every day…I’m not complaining…because when I am creating, that’s how I like it. I want to be out in the world. I want to meet people. I want to step outside my comfort zone and grow. I want to share YL with people and help then build a business that will give them financial freedom and reward them in so many other ways. I want to be part of a team! Kevin, my husband, is in real estate so we are lucky to have a flexible schedule.

What is your “Why”?

Now find your “When”. When do you want to become Silver? When do you want to become Gold? Many people that join YL already have a job so time management becomes very important. Print a calendar . Then block out the non-negotiables, for instance, the hours you are at your job, the hours you are sleeping, time you spend exercising, time spent with family, etc. You will be surprised how much time you really have available for your YL business by doing this exercise. Keep in mind….some of the things you may be doing now, you could give up in order to make your YL business a success. Then schedule time on your calendar for YL. Highlight it with yellow and stick to it!

Our when…

Our goal is Silver by October 2014. We are finding it hard to balance everything and haven’t quite found a rhythm yet. But we’ll get there.

Find your “How”… are you going to make Silver in 6, or Gold in 8 months, etc? Make a plan.

Our how….

Here’s what we’ve been doing:

  • Kevin and I, along with a few friends, have been hosting monthly meetings. The first one was at our home and then we moved it to a hotel conference room. The attendance fluctuates and so far we haven’t had much luck getting people to attend. We invite people via Facebook, hang flyers in the area of where the meeting will be held, send email invites, etc.
  • We’ve been vending at a farmer’s market a couple times a month. We’ve handed out a lot of business cards and talked to many people but this has been slow for us as well.
  • Calling and or texting people to set up a one-on-one meeting. We’ve been getting many excuses as to why they can’t meet at this time.

Our slow growth is not going to get us down. We are staying positive,  moving forward and trying different things. The best advice I can give at this point in our fledgling YL career is to learn from others that have accomplished what you want to accomplish. Everyone builds differently but you can learn insights from each person’s way of building. Be a sponge! Here is a list that keeps us involved and motivated:

  • Listen to Diamond Shannon Hudson’s Silver is 6 audios. For over a year now, Shannon has had SI6 winners tell how they did it! I listen to these audios as much as possible. Go here to listen for yourself.
  • Another great resource is Jen Springer’s Monday night calls, go here.
  • Attend meetings in your area. Even if you joined Young Living under someone out of state. No worries. There are meetings going on everywhere. One resource you can use to find out if there’s meeting in your area is YL events page. You can also check your local community paper. If nobody in your area is holding meetings, I’d say you start that ball rolling and host your own!
  • Royal Crown Diamond, Marcella Vonn Harting, offers tips for vending at an expo or show. Read that here.

After listening to all of Shannon’s SI6 audios, we have decided adapt many of the tips we learned into our own YL business. I believe doing these things will elevate our business and take us where we want to go.

  • Burn copies of Gary Young’s Missing Link cd 1) put one in every order shipped for my art business 2) hand the cds out at shows and expos 3) mail the cd to family and friends, then follow up with a phone call 4) hand them out to random strangers….10/day is the goal
  • On top of hosting our monthly meeting at the hotel conference room, host an “introductory” meeting at our house once a month.
  • When a new distributor signs up, immediately work with them to sign up three more people….immediately
  • Schedule time every day to work on our YL business. During that time, take action by meeting people, making phone calls, hosting a meeting, etc. Doing things that will grow our business.

Take action! That’s my motto. You can have the best plans and ideas but if you don’t take action you will stay where you are. The more people you meet the more chances you’ll have of meeting the right person to help you build your business and, in turn, you can help build theirs.

How are you growing your YL business? Share your insights with us!





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