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My name is Teresa Kogut. I’m an artist. I think I came out of the womb with crayons in my hand, but you’ll have to ask my Mom about that. I’ve been a full-time self-employed artist since 1992 (to find out more about my art career, click here). I design punchneedle, cross stitch and rug patterns, and in August 2013, I launched Gather, Dream, Create. My life is full of love for God and His people, creative endeavors, fun times with loved ones and helping people live their healthiest, happiest life.

Kogut family July 2006 up north

Kogut Family July 2006

You may be wondering; with all that going on, why start a wellness blog? The idea for Create Healthy You has been swirling around in my head since 2012 and finally I just had to take a leap of faith!

I believe we can only have happiness and be of service to others if we are healthy. Wouldn’t you agree? Time and time again I here of people retiring from 30 (or more) years of working only to fall into chronic illness or worse.

What’s the point of building a career if in doing so you are neglecting your health and find when you retire can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor??

What REALLY makes me crazy is people that will spend $5.00 a day on a fancy coffee and then say they don’t have enough money for vitamins and supplements. What?? People would rather spend their money on something that has no health benefits instead of spending it on something that will give them energy, vitality & longevity?? Seriously? But unfortunately it happens all the time.

It’s also crazy when people tell me they don’t have time to exercise. If you make it a priority, you will be surprised how much time you have to exercise. Taking care of ourselves is not selfish at all, we are teaching our family and friends the importance of exercise and by keeping ourselves healthy, we can be of service to others and live a long life.

My goal is to change that unhealthy mindset and help people make the right choices in order to live a life full of wellness, purpose and abundance through healthy eating & exercise.

me and boys

My sons, Kyle & Ryan, May 2011

Join me. I can help you live the life of your dreams.



Briahnna, Me, Kevin, Kyle, Ryan, Daisy and Buster Jun 2006

Dad & Mom

Dad and Mom 2011

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